Saturday, July 20, 2013

Nokia's struggles suggest consumers are 'content' with iOS and Android duopoly

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Saturday, July 20, 2013
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Agree/Disagree: A partnership with the NFL would be a huge boon for Apple's TV ambitions. Vote for the results in the left column below or go straight to the results here.

Weekend Highlights: Haydn Shaugnessy at Forbes on mobile OS innovation with Apple and Google the dominant players, but newcomer Firefox hoping to break the mold; Jeff John Roberts at GigaOM says that "Apple's agnostic approach to TV" is a better approach than Google's, but viewers are still the losers; on the heels of Apple's Locationary purchase, the company also purchases HopStop, another step in improving its Maps foray, more in our Apple/Macintosh section; Cult of Mac presents five new tips/tricks for OS X Mavericks beta users; Richard Devine at iMore says he wants Apple to add ability to send an app purchase from your desktop to a specific iOS device; with T-Mobile leading the charge for device upgrades, AT&T, Verizon follow, but Consumer Reports says they're not as good; 9 to 5 Mac's Mark Gurman reports Apple will be issuing an App Store redesign along with more free content; iMore previews Siri in iOS 7; and Charles Moore takes issue with DePaul University professor who asked "Does the iPad deserve to exist?"; and from Friday's highlights, Peter Kafka at AllThingsD has a tip for Apple (and Google), spend billions of dollars on the NFL's Sunday Ticket, thereby securing "the most valuable programming asset in the country, which makes you an instant player ? one that can credibly start acquiring other 'real' TV programming"; meanwhile, at Bloomberg Businessweek, Adam Satariano and Alex Sherman on the wall of resistance Apple faces in TV content negotiations; bolstering their Maps service, Apple acquires Canadian company, Locationary, which specializes in crowdsourced mapping data, more in our Apple/Macintosh section; it looks like international tax breaks (and loopholes) are beginning to close according to a report out of OECD, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development; you may be one of the lucky invitees to start testing out iWork for iCloud beta; Mactuts+ shows you five ways to AirPlay from your Mac to TV; Actions is an app that allows you to control your Mac via iPad; BetaNews says Mechanic will help your Mac with security, privacy and even performance; a tip for getting better battery life on your notebook is to close some of those extra browser tabs; Reuters is reporting today that Apple and other tech giants are urging the US to allow disclosure of surveillance requests; Wired's Christina Bonnington notes the latest data from Flurry suggests more iOS apps have gone free than ever before; a 30 year old man in China has been shocked by his charging iPhone, but this one is directly related to a counterfeit charger; iPhone 4 upgrades part of what helped Verizon iPhone activations jump 44%; Zagato and Bertone, know the names? They're alleged codenames for two models of the also-alleged iPhone Lite; Ted Landau found that the only solution to an annoying dust spot in his iPhone camera was to let an Apple Genius take care of it; Mac|Life reviews Duolingo, an app to help you learn languages, giving it a 5 out of 5 rating.

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Fri Jul 19
"Nokia's struggles suggest consumers are 'content' with iOS and Android duopoly" AppleInsider 9:36 PM
  • "Apple's quest for an iWatch on every wrist: The challenge for Apple and others trying to crack the code on wearables is to produce an appealing device for a mass market that doesn't need a watch to tell time and doesn't want to get all wound up by an overly complicated gadget."?CNET News?11:41 AM
  • "Apple Needs To Re-Evaluate Its Censorship, But We Don't Want The Walls To Come Down Entirely"?Digital Trends?3:17 PM
  • "Apple's agnostic approach to TV: better than Google's but not a win for viewers"?GigaOM?10:04 AM
  • "Apple said to be recharting Maps with HopStop buy"?ZDNet?7:34 AM
  • "Apple buys firms in mapping acquisition: Apple has acquired a pair of mapping and location firms in a bid to improve its mapping applications,"?V3?8:14 AM
  • "Apple's Buying Spree Continues with HopStop for Transit App"?Patently Apple?8:37 AM
  • "Apple acquires transit navigation firm HopStop"?TUAW?10:16 AM
  • "Apple under pressure as figures stall"?Telegraph?12:18 PM
  • "Who's Who in the Tablet Market Melee: Over the past two years, Apple has lost significant ground in the tablet market, but it still maintains strong brand recognition and a majority share. The remainder is up for grabs. If Apple's share were to dip beneath the 50 percent mark after the 2013 holiday season, the market would still be best characterized as 'Apple versus The Rest,' with Apple maintaining a plurality share."?E-Commerce Times?8:22 AM
  • "Apple TV With Gesture Control? iWatch Next Year? This Week In Apple Rumors"?The Huffington Post?11:41 AM
  • "Apple, Samsung try again to settle patent disputes, but aren't close to a deal"?AppleInsider?7/19
  • "Will Samsung & Apple Sign a Cross-Licensing Deal this Year?"?Patently Apple?7/19
  • "Apple TV's future growing less ambitious with new Time Warner app, say reports"?The Verge?7/19
  • "Apple buys Toronto startup in rare foray into Canada"?The Globe and Mail [Free Registration Required]?7/19
  • "With Its Acquisition Of Locationary, Apple Zeros In On Maps, Big Data And Competing With Google"?TechCrunch?7/19
  • "Apple buys crowdsourced mapping data startup Locationary"?AppleInsider?7/19
  • "Apple buys Locationary, a startup building a Wikipedia for location"?GigaOM?7/19
  • "Apple nabs Locationary in maps battle"?USA Today?7/19
  • "What Apple Maps Gains from Locationary: With Locationary's crowdsourced business listings, Apple hopes to make local data on its maps more accurate and timely."?InformationWeek?7/19
  • "Apple reportedly buys Locationary, a crowdsourced business data startup"?The Next Web?7/19
  • "Apple purchases Locationary to make accurate crowd-sourced Maps"?Computerworld?7/19
  • "Apple Acquires Toronto's Locationary for Apple Maps & More"?Patently Apple?7/19
  • "Apple purchases Canadian mapping company Locationary, 'a Wikipedia for local business listings'"?9 to 5 Mac?7/19
  • "Apple Buys A Location Startup To Help With Its Troubled Maps App"?Business Insider?7/19
  • "Apple Buys 2 Mapping Companies"?New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required]?7/19
  • "Apple Confirms HopStop Acquisition"?AllThingsD?7/19
  • "Apple reportedly acquires public transit and navigation firm HopStop [update: confirmed]?AppleInsider?7/19
  • "Apple Said to Buy HopStop, Pushing Deeper Into Maps"?Bloomberg?7/19
  • "Plan to close international tax loopholes puts Apple, Google, Amazon, and others on notice"?The Verge?7/19
  • "Apple invites users to try out iWork for iCloud beta"?T3?7:26 AM
  • "Apple sends iWork for iCloud beta invitations to everyday users"?Engadget?7/19
  • "Quick Note: iWork for iCloud Beta Opening up to Non-Developers"?DailyTech?7/19
  • "Why have Apple's Dev Center and forums have been down for more than 24 hours? Apple says the center is undergoing maintenance but hasn't shed light on the reason, whether system failure, security breach, or a major platform revision"?InfoWorld?7/19
  • "Apple Developer Center undergoes extended maintenance"?MacNN?7/19
  • "Apple says developer memberships and apps will not expire due to unexpected maintenance duration"?9 to 5 Mac?7/19
  • "Q&A: MacFixIt Answers/Options for installing OS X freshly when purchasing a new version of OS X from the App Store, and more covered in this week's Q&A."?CNET Reviews?7/19
  • "How to reset an OS X account password with an Apple ID: Among other options, Apple supports resetting a user account password at the login window using a valid Apple ID."?MacFixIt?7/19
  • "Sync Services: Advanced troubleshooting for contact and calendar syncing"?Apple Support?7/19
  • "How-to: Change the email address associated with your Apple ID"?9 to 5 Mac?11:41 AM
  • "Here Are Another Five Great Tips And Tricks For OS X Mavericks Beta [Feature]?Cult of Mac?10:16 AM
  • "Review: Photo Sense - An Easy-To-Use Batch Photo Editor For Mac"?MacTrast?10:05 AM
  • "Review: Face2Face makes Apple Mail more personable"?Macworld?7:23 AM
  • "Share Bucket For Mac Offers Quick Screenshot & File Sharing Via Dropbox, Google Drive & SkyDrive"?AddictiveTips?9:10 AM
  • "OS X Mavericks Preview: App Nap helps you work longer from your laptop"?iMore?7/19
  • "Hands-on: Unibox is a 'people-centric' Mac email client"?Macworld?7/19
  • "5 Ways to AirPlay From Your Mac to Your Television"?Mactuts+?7/19
  • "Mac Gems: Actions turns your iPad into a Mac control pad"?Macworld?7/19
  • "MacMost Now 893: Editing Photos In External Editors"?MacMost?7/19
  • "Mechanic by Bitdefender helps Mac users improve performance, stability and privacy"?BetaNews?7/19
  • "Want more battery-life from your laptop? Close some tabs"?9 to 5 Google?7/19
  • "Create unique slideshows with ScatterShow for Mac"?TUAW?7/19
  • "ScreenFloat makes taking, managing screenshots a breeze"?AppleDailyReport?7/19
  • "Set Default Font Choices For Messages You Send And Receive In Mavericks Beta [OS X Tips]?Cult of Mac?7/19
  • "Where To Find The Ultimate PDF Reader For The Mac"?TeraTalks?7/19
  • "The Best Mac Writing Tool For Real Mac Writers"?Mac 360?7/19
  • "Do To Your Mac What You've Always Wanted To Do But Didn't: Pimp Your Screen"?NoodleMac?7/19
  • "Finally, An Easier, Faster, Better Way To Find Email Messages On Your Mac"?BohemianBoomer?7/19
  • "My Favorite Way To Create Movies From Photos"?Mac 360?7/19
  • "iTunes want: Sending apps straight to a specific iOS device from the desktop store"?iMore?9:10 AM
Press Releases
  • "ZipZapMac Releases Periscope Pro - Motion-Based Mac Video Surveillance"?prMac?8:00 AM
  • "Defense of the Ancients 2 for Mac, free multiplayer battle game, released on Steam"?iMore?7/19
  • "Realmac Software Teases Ember, A Digital Scrapbook For Your Mac [Video]?Cult of Mac?7/19
  • "The iPhone Is Alive and Well (At Least in the United States)"?The Motley Fool?11:27 AM
  • "Major crackdown planned for tech's biggest alleged tax dodgers"?BGR?8:16 AM
  • "Clamour for smartphone 'kill switch' as 'Apple-picking' surges"?Financial Times [Paid Membership Required]?7:27 AM
  • "From Apple to Nest Labs, Always a Designer"?New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required]?3:18 PM
  • "More work ahead in Apple, Samsung antitheft crack attack: The results of attempts to crack the antitheft security on Apple's iOS 7 and Samsung's Galaxy S4 Lojack system are still being compiled."?CNET News?7/19
  • "Apple, Google, dozens of others urge U.S. surveillance disclosures"?Reuters?7/19
  • "Microsoft attacks iPad to unload Surface RT inventory: In a new ad, Microsoft compares a Surface RT to an iPad. An Apple Siri-like voice, representing the iPad, says, 'This is not going to end well for me.'"?CNET News?7/19
  • "Surface RT takes on the iPad and wins!"?BetaNews?7/19
  • "Google to take Apple's iPhone head on: August 1 Moto X media event is a go"?iDownload Blog?7/19
  • "More iOS Apps Are Free Than Ever Before"?Wired?7/19
  • "Recharging iPhone blamed for another serious shock in China: iPhone 4 connected to a counterfeit or third-party charger leaves 30-year-old man in a coma for the past 10 days, according to reports from Asia."?CNET News?7/19
  • "Beijing fanboi in coma after iPhone 4 shock treatment" ["The handset and charger in question didn't show any signs of damage, however the latter was not an 'official' Apple peripheral."]?The Register?7/19
  • "Another iPhone shock case in China leaves man in coma"?ZDNet?7/19
  • "State, federal governments testing Apple's antitheft tech"?TUAW?7/19
  • "Verizon's iPhone Activations Could Have Been Helped By iPhone 4 Upgrades"?Forbes?7/19
  • "Top-3 mobile telecom carriers in Russia to give up iPhone, say Taiwan makers"?DigiTimes?7/19
  • "Take a nostalgia trip with minimalist renders of old Macs"?TUAW?7/19
Non-Apple News
  • "Consumer Reports weighs in on device upgrade plans"?iDownload Blog?7:24 AM
  • "U.S. Music Sales Down As Streaming Up 24% To 51B Tracks In 6 Months; Harlem Shake Bumps Its Way To The Top"?TechCrunch?7/19
  • "Scientists power mobile phone with urine" [Video Report]?BBC?7/19
  • "Gillmor Gang: iBeacon & Eggs"?TechCrunch?1:12 PM
  • "Coming July 20: Gene Steinberg meets Dan Frakes, of Macworld, Daniel Eran Dilger, of AppleInsider, and John Martellaro, of The Mac Observer, this week on The Tech Night Owl LIVE!"?The Tech Night Owl LIVE?7/19
  • "9to5Mac Happy Hour Podcast: iWatch rumors, special discounts, more"?9 to 5 Mac?7/19
  • "Jeff Carlson Takes Control of Your Digital Photos, One Step At A Time"?MacVoices?7/19
  • "iMore show 355: An episode of hoarders"?iMore?7/19

Deal Brothers Daily Deal: Save $25 on 5th Gen 32GB Apple iPod Touch, Free Shipping

  • "Review: Bluelounge Milo Micro-Suction Aluminum Stand for iPhone, iPod, Smartphones from"?Run Around Tech?7:22 AM
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iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Apps
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  • "The Macalope Weekly: Loss of perspective"?Macworld?7:29 AM
  • "Nokia's struggles suggest consumers are 'content' with iOS and Android duopoly"?AppleInsider?7/19
  • "Next stop: Public transportation directions in Apple Maps?"?GigaOM?7/19
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  • "Microsoft financial results take a beating"?TG Daily?7/19
  • "Microsoft lost a staggering $900m on the Surface RT"?Crave @ CNET?7/19
  • "The Surface lost Microsoft $900 million"?VR-Zone?7/19
  • "Microsoft badly misses profit expectations on huge Surface write-down"?CNNMoney?7/19
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  • "Is the Cost of Intel's Entry Into Mobile Too


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    Sonata of Eons: Age of the Ageless

    I would love to join this!! I was wondering if you had a little more information about the Witches though. I was wondering the extent of their power and if they are limited ONLY to potions created from herbs (which would be basic healing, prosperity, etc. potions) or are they capable of doing protective or even dark magic with sigils and such.
    Another question, how to the Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches interact? Do they generally get along? Are they generally at war? Does any race try to help humans out?
    Last question I was wondering is do you have a certain character sheet you would like us to use. Images? What are your preferences, if you even allow us to use them.
    Sorry for all the questions, but I thought I would ask so I know.


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    Friday, July 19, 2013

    ComputorEdge 07/19/2013: Google Fiber, Google Loon, Super Glass and More!

    Sorry, Readability was unable to parse this page for content.


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    Attention All Artists! Hollywood is coming to Delray! | Broward News ...

    Stay up to date on South Florida news! Click here to subscribe for email news updates from

    Hollywood will swoop into Delray Beach August 10th for the second Art & Entertainment Summit of the year. In a showcase of the arts, artists and entertainers from New York to Los Angeles will descend onto Delray?s South County Civic Center to share their secrets of success with local professional and budding area artists.

    Ashley Place Community Development Corp, a Nonprofit 501(c) (3), along with the Global Business Development Center will host art and entertainment professionals and artists. These professionals will present their insider know-how, and share what it really means to be a successful artist to young adults, semi and professional artists in South Florida.
    Talent and industry stakeholders will be within arm?s reach. Panelists include a Grammy nominated song writer, actors from hit TV series The Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy, an Emmy winning film producer, an internationally renowned photographer, a modeling agency, several international visual fine artists, a legendary record label representative, top 10 hit performers, and artist managers. The event is posted on the Palm Beach Cultural Council?s Calendar of events as well as social media feeds such as Facebook and twitter, and has adopted its own hashtag for the event #AEsummit.
    It is an all-day event with open forum and subsequent breakout sessions. Led by the panelist, the breakout sessions will present tips, strategies and shared knowledge of what skill sets are needed to succeed. ?Together we hope to ignite interest not only in the performance side of the arts, but the business side. We want to aid in the creation of a foundation that, combined with their talent, will propel them forward,? Executive Director of Ashley Place Community Development Corporation Rose Wong said.The Art and Entertainment Summit is one aspect of the From Starving to Striving, ?The Business Side of Art? Program. This program was made possible by the Love One Another Foundation represented by the Cousins Law Firm. Additional event sponsors include local business partners RE-MMAP,Inc.Chameleon Security Group, Oceans 234, Toojay?s and AM2 TV.
    Ashley Place Community, in partnership with the Global Business Development Center,hopes to make an impact in the growing Palm Beach County?s art community. ?The selected panel of artists is willingly sharing their journey and business formula with the attendees. They are successful and humble. Success in any one of these fields comes in many rich and varied options, and not always in front of the camera. This platform of artists and the options will help open the door to dispelling the myths of being a starving artist by creating a small business or accelerating the growth of an existing business. Our future depends on them,? states Rose Wong.
    The out of town presenters are staying at the Boca Raton Resort, the host hotel for the event and the private VIP Warp Party. There will also be media coverage by online and AM station 1420. TV personality Carlos Mahecha from Channel 51 Azteca TV, will be conducting an exclusive interview with one of the panelist, actor Jorge Luis Pallo of Sons of Anarchy who is also holding an actor?s workshop after the event.
    Event Details: August 10, 2013 Time: 8am-5pm. Admission: $20 adults|$10 Student ID with breakfast and lunch included. Catering will be provided by Too Jay?s. Location: South County Civic Center 16700 Jog Rd. Delray Beach, FL 33446. Seating is limited. Formore information, please call (561)894-4500 or email [email?protected]
    To register and pay to attend this event visit



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    Bombing in Sunni mosque in Iraq kills at least 17

    BAGHDAD (AP) ? A bomb ripped through a full Sunni mosque in central Iraq during midday prayers Friday, killing at least 17 people in the latest outburst of deadly violence targeting worshippers during the holy month of Ramadan.

    Suicide attacks, car bombings and other violence have killed nearly 200 people since the Islamic holy month of daytime fasting and charity began last week.

    The violence is an extension of a surge of attacks that has roiled Iraq for months, reviving fears of a return to the widespread sectarian bloodshed that pushed the country to the brink of civil war after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion.

    Diyala provincial councilman Sadiq al-Husseini said Friday's explosion hit the Abu Bakir al-Sideeq mosque in the town of Wijaihiya, which is about 80 kilometers (50 miles) northeast of Baghdad. He said it killed at least 17.

    The blast went off on the left side of the mosque, which was filled with men and children, as worshippers were kneeling during prayers, said 30-year-old Mohammed Faleh, who was praying inside.

    Faleh said security forces found a second bomb left near the mosque that they rendered safe with a controlled detonation.

    "I stood up to find blood-stained bodies lying on the ground. The Friday prayer turned into a disaster. Whoever left these bombs has no religion," he said.

    Diyala province, where the attack occurred, was once the site of some of the fiercest fighting between U.S. forces and insurgents in Iraq. It remains a hotbed for terrorist attacks. The area is religiously mixed and witnessed some of the worst atrocities as Shiite militias battled Sunni insurgents for control in the years after the invasion.

    "Terrorism is targeting all sects in Diyala mainly by attacking Sunni and Shiite mosques, funerals and football fields to draw the province into a sectarian conflict. All the victims were civilians," said al-Husseini, the councilman, appealing for calm. "I call on all Diyala residents to show self-restraint."

    Police and hospital officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to release the information to media, confirmed the death toll. They also reported that more than 50 were wounded in the explosion, and warned that the number of dead could rise.

    The attack struck while Iran's outgoing president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, wrapped up a two-day trip to Iraq with visits to Shiite Muslim holy cities of Najaf and Karbala south of Baghdad. There was no indication the mosque blast was related to his trips.

    Violence across Iraq has risen sharply since a heavy-handed crackdown by security forces on a Sunni protest camp in the northern town of Hawija on April 23. That raid followed months of rallies by Iraq's minority Sunnis against the Shiite-led government over what they contend is second-class treatment and the unfair use of tough anti-terrorism measures against their sect.

    The surge in bloodshed has left more than 2,800 people dead and many more wounded since the start of April.

    Attacks on Sunni mosques, for years a relatively rare target in Iraq, have picked up significantly in recent months.

    There has been no claim of responsibility for Friday's bombing or many of the other recent attacks.

    Sunni extremists such as al-Qaida's Iraq arm that seek to undermine the Shiite-led government are frequently blamed for bombing attacks targeting civilians. They could be behind the Sunni mosque bombings too, hoping to incite a sectarian backlash against Shiites. So could Shiite militias that have been remobilizing following years of relative quiet.


    Associated Press writers Adam Schreck and Sinan Salaheddin contributed to this report.


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    As state nears Bedouin relocation plan, protests in Israel, West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem

    prawer 02 1
    Palestinians and Israelis protesting in Beersheva against the Prawer-Begin Plan, which will transfer 30,000 Bedouin citizens of Israel to other villages in the Negev. (Photo: Allison Deger)

    From the onset there was opposition to the Prawer Plan. When it first sank into law by a narrow vote, the plan to remove Bedouin-Palestinians from the Negev region of Israel brought national contention. If just a handful of Knesset members had cast their ballots against this measure, which is decried by Arab rights' groups as a catastrophic cleansing of Bedouins from the desert, or a second "nakba," the program would have been abandoned. Yet the first comprehensive state blueprint to wipe out "unrecognized" villages in the south was approved, affecting an area inhabited by 70,000 Bedouin citizens of Israel.

    So the bill became law in late 2012. Then it was sent to the Knesset for modification in January 2013, the first of three readings before implementation. There was a showdown. Palestinian members of government were kicked out of the parliament floor.

    And that tone of outrage has continued since the beginning of the year, now echoed by Palestinian groups beyond the Israeli Knesset.

    On Monday things came to a head when protests were coordinated in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem with marches and a general strike. In Israel the main march took place in Beersheva near the affected Bedouin localities with additional demonstrations in Jaffa and the northern cities of Sakhnin and Umm el-Fahem. The latter two escalated into clashes with Israeli border police. Twenty-eight protesters were arrested, 14 from Beersheva alone.

    A city with biblical roots, modern day Beersheva is an early outpost of the Zionist movement. Its pioneer quality seeps through today, community after community, with 1950s communist era concrete apartment buildings that look like photocopies from former Yugoslavia. On the drive between Tel Aviv and Beersheva the landscape is separated by Jewish National Fund planted trees, living artifacts of the "make the desert bloom" slogan.

    In this same historical period of rapid Jewish-Israeli development, tens of thousands of Bedouin desert dwellers were forcibly moved by the Israeli military to an area surrounding Beersheva, as Israel's Arab citizens were under formal military law. The government never handed out titles to the places where the Bedouin were transferred, and today they along with several other villages that pre-date the state of Israel (but were never registered during the early years of statehood) are considered illegal construction, or "unrecognized villages." This predicament for the state, villages without permits in a system where no permits means pre-approval for home demolition, will finally be wiped out in one swoop with the Prawer-Begin Plan (as it is known now). No longer will places like al-Arakib be demolished over 50 times with the residents squatting in the towns cemetery, the only location where the bulldozers do not go.

    And as implementation day for the Prawer-Begin Plan moves closer, outcry against it is gurgling.

    "It's not very well defined," said Knesset member and former city planner civil servant Dr. Hana Sweid (Hadash) who protested the relocation in front of Ben-Gurion University Monday. "The Prawer Plan is not deterministic. It leaves a huge space for maneuvers and unexpected actions taken by the government, which are disastrous for the whole Arab community." Dr. Sweid said the entire land registry and population transfer will be carried out over a five-year period.

    As of now, Dr. Sweid continued, there is some indication that the state will legalize five of the 25 villages in the region marked by the Prawer-Begin Plan. "What is clear is that they intend to move them into townships," reservations-like communities that would congregate Bedouins from the areas expected to be declared unlawful. Bedouins would not be removed whole-sale from the Negev. The plan will condense them into other localities that have no infrastructure to handle thousands of new villagers. These communities are small and with 30,000 people split into five already full villages, an image of a ghetto comes to mind.

    The Knesset calculates the Prawer-Begin Plan will relocate some 30,000 Bedouins. But twice as many Bedouin will have to submit property claims in compliance with the plan. Everyone in the scheme's demarcation zone will be required to file proof of ownership to maintain their properties. With the use of archival aerial photographs, a special government committee will either approve the claim and regularize 50% of the property with compensation for the other 50%, or regularize 25% of the village for a partial claim, and also give compensation--according to the Prawer-Begin Plan guidelines.

    But if a claim is not supported by an archival photograph, which the petitioner, i.e. the Bedouin villager,? is not allowed to see because of government rules, all of the residents in that area will be evicted along with every structure demolished. "Thus far in court no one has gotten any claims honored," said Dr. Sweid.

    prawer 04
    prawer 50 1
    prawer 01 1
    prawer 06
    prawer 03
    prawer jaffa 01
    prawer jaffa 03
    prawer jaffa 04
    prawer jaffa 02

    All photographs were takevn by the author on July 15, 2013.


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    IU opening with Washington in 2K Sports Classic

    Indiana will open its 2kSports Classic at Madison Square Garden against Washington at 9 p.m. on Nov. 21. Connecticut and Boston College will play in the other semifinal at 7 p.m. The finals and consolation game are the next day.

    Related content: Read more in Men's Basketball



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